Mr. Ohya provides legal assistance in a broad range of areas in relation to foreign investment into Vietnam, including infrustructure, real estate, corporate, commercial, finance as well as labor matters. He is admitted to practice law in Japan (2004) and is registered as a foreign attorney in Vietnam (2013). Mr. Ohya also has experience in the public sector (serving as Deputy Director for the Financial Services Agency of Japan from 2011 to 2013).  He graduated from Kyoto University (LL.B., 2003) and Duke University School of Law (LL.M., 2010). 

With nearly 20 years’ legal practice in Vietnam and other Asian countries assisting foreign investors with investments and business development, by providing a wealth of experience and knowledge. 

Stationed in Singapore in 2010 and in Vietnam since 2013, and supported foreign investors in their investments and business development in South East Asia. Provided legal advice on various projects including the following: • M&A deals • infrastructure development projects including smart city, road, and railway • natural resources and energy projects including renewable energy projects • real-estate development projects including residential housing, commercial/logistics, offices, hospitality properties, complex buildings Kazuhide has also advised foreign invested companies in South East Asia in various areas, such as labor, trade, information security, digital regulations, crisis management, and compliance.