Duong Vu


As the Secretary General of VIAC, Duong Vu is in charge of supervising all arbitrations administering activities at VIAC, ensuring the efficiency, compliance, and integrity of the procedures under the VIAC Rules.
Duong has been actively participating in various activities to promote the development of arbitration and ADR in Vietnam. Further, with his practical experiences, Duong has been positively contributing to the law-making process, especially those in the field of arbitration and ADRs. In addition to practice, Duong also devotes himself to education activities. In particular, Duong has given lectures on commercial arbitration and contract at a number of law schools and training institutions such as the Judicial Academy, VCCI, the Vietnam Bar Federation, etc.

In the capacity of an arbitrator, Duong has served in numerous arbitrations in different roles, either co-arbitrator, sole arbitration or presiding arbitrator. His participation concerns diverse areas of dispute, including sales of goods, construction, insurance, leasing, etc.