Duong Quoc Thanh


With over 33 years of experience within the Vietnamese legal system, Mr. Thanh, is the Founder and Managing Partner of ALV LAWYERS after admitted as a qualified lawyer in Vietnam since 2007 and was with BakerMcKenzie, a global leading law firm and TechcomBank where he served as VP – Legal Counsel for the Board of Directors of this leading Vietnamese commercial bank, after serving as a Judge in the Courts in Hanoi for over ten years.
Mr. Thanh’s practice focuses on giving advice and representing clients on contentious matters, involving commercial, corporate and employment matters. He also support the Clients in the matters related to product liability, contract, bankruptcy procedure, international and domestic arbitration, tax and customs and procedure laws. He regularly represents clients involved in commercial, corporate, administrative, intellectual property, and labor cases before the courts and the government authorities.
He has been a CEDR accredited Mediator (UK) since January 2018 and a registered ad-hoc Mediator in Vietnam since June 2018; and Mediator of Vietnam Mediation Centre (“VMC”) under Vietnam International Arbitration Centre (“VIAC”) when VMC was set up. Notably, he was ranked 10 Top Mediators of Asia-Pacific Region in 2019 by Bali International Arbitration and Mediation Centre (“BIAMC”). He has also acted as Arbitrator in VIAC and has been in the VIAC’s List of Arbitrators since October 2022.

Mr. Thanh has been a visiting lecturer of Vietnam Judicial Academy, giving lectures for judges’ and lawyers’ training courses for over 20 years, providing trainings on skills and knowledge on ADR (Negotiation, Mediation and Arbitration) and Litigation, amongst other judges and lawyering skills. Mr. Thanh has taken part in several course of trainings and professional seminars, as lecturer and speaker, in Vietnam and abroad.

ALV LAWYERS focuses on Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) and Litigation while supporting the Clients with investment and general corporate matters. The vision of ALV LAWYERS is to become a leading law firm to provide the best ADR and Litigation Lawyers for the Clients in Vietnam and across Asia, in Courts, Arbitration and Mediation.

Selected Publications (in Vietnamese)

• “Practice of Commercial Mediation and Recognition and Enforcement of the Meditated Settlement Agreement related to International Commercial Mediation in Vietnam”, Thematic article under the Scientific Research Project “United Nations Convention on Agreements”. Agreement on dispute settlement through mediation: content and possibility of Vietnam’s accession” chaired by the Ministry of Justice, completed in June 2022.
• Co-author of “Interpretation of Laws: Issues of Theory and Practice” – National Assembly of Vietnam’s Office and JOPSO, 2009. Author of “Viewpoints on Interpretation of Law and the Role of the Courts in Vietnam”.
• Author of “Application on the Issue, Delivery and Notification of Procedural Documents provided by the 2005 Civil Procedure Code and Suggestions for Improvements” – The Institute of State and Law, Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences, 2007.
• Author of “Viewpoint on the Application of Court Fees” – Journal of the Supreme Court of Vietnam, 2007.
• Author of “Inconsistencies in the 2005 Civil Procedure Code” – The Institute of State and Law, Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences, 2006.
• Co-author of the Benchbook of the Supreme People’s Court of Vietnam (first publication) – The Supreme People’s Court of Vietnam, 2006;
• “Guarantee’s obligations in Property Leasing Contract”, Journal of Supreme Court of Vietnam, No. 12, June 2004.

Professional Affiliations

Mr. Thanh is a member of the following:
• Hanoi Bar; Vietnam Bar Federation;
• VBLC – Vietnam Business Lawyers Club, as co-founding member;
• Mediator of Vietnam Mediation Centre of VIAC;
• Accredited CDRE Mediator (UK);
• Vietnam International Law Association, as co-founding member; and
• Vietnam Banks’ Chief Legal Counsel Club

Mr. Thanh has the Masters of International Commercial Law (Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia, 2002); Masters of Law (Hanoi Laws University, 1997); Bachelor of Art in English (Hanoi University for Society and Human Sciences, 1995); and the Bachelor of Law Degree (Hanoi Laws University, 1988).
Vietnamese (native) and English (fluent).